How to do abort One Month Pregnancy?

Abortion is legal and safe method to end pregnancy. The two methods that will work are Medication Abortion and the other is Aspiration Abortion. Medication Abortion is carried out with pills and Aspiration abortion is carried out by surgery or suction.

How much far in pregnancy can I be:

Medication Abortion:

This method is applicable up to ten weeks from the first day of a period.

Aspiration Abortion:

This method is applicable up to 12 weeks from the 1st day of last period.

Medication Abortion:

The pill mifepristone is taken at a clinic or at doctor’s office. Most women won’t feel anything after having the pill. Some women might experience nausea.

After having the first pill, 6-72 hours later a second pill called misoprostol will be taken buccally(by placing on the cheek to dissolve), which will be instructed by the health care provider.

The abortion only begins after one to four hours after taking misoprostol. It causes heavy bleeding and cramps lasting for a few hours. In order to make sure that the abortion is complete a follow-up appointment is necessary.

Aspiration Abortion:

In this method, the abortion takes place at the office or clinic. The process of actual abortion happens only in 5 to 10 minutes. A physician removes pregnancy by using medical instruments in uterus and vagina. The return visit is only necessary if there are further problems.

Does the procedure cause any pain:

In both methods, there can be mild to very strong cramps on and off in the process of abortion. This pain can be helped or managed by using medication.

Is the bleeding severe:

In medication abortion, when the pregnancy is being passed, heavy bleeding with clots is common.

In Aspiration Abortion, light bleeding usually lasts for one to seven days. This bleeding might continue on and off for some weeks.

Success Rate:

Medication abortion provides a success rate of 98 to 99 percent. In case if medication abortion fails, then it is necessary to undergo Aspiration Abortion.

Aspiration abortion provides a success rate of 99 percent. In case if Aspiration Abortion fails, then the procedure for Aspiration Abortion must be repeated.

Do these procedures rule out a possibility of children in future:

No, both these procedures do not reduce the chance of having a child in future.


Medication Abortion:

This procedure is very safe and has been carried out for many years. It actually has 10 times lesser risk of health complication than continuing a pregnancy.

Aspiration Abortion:

This is also a primitive method of abortion. This process is safest if it is carried out in the first 8 weeks and problems are really rare.


Medication Abortion:

Since here no anaesthesia, shots and no medical instruments are used, it almost feels like a miscarriage. This can be done in earlier in pregnancy than in the case of aspiration abortion. In this procedure, there is a liberty of being at home or wherever comfortable.

Aspiration Abortion:

This procedure is very short, just a few minutes. Bleeding is comparatively less in this case. The medical staff is with you in this procedure. This procedure can be done later in pregnancy than with medication abortion.


Medication Abortion:

This procedure only takes two days to complete. Bleeding and cramps will beheavy and last longer. This procedure also cannot be done later like Aspiration Abortion.

Aspiration Abortion:

It is a more invasive procedure where instruments are inserted through the vagina to the uterus. Pain medication or Anaesthetics can cause side effects. No one can accompany into the procedure and you will have less control. Vacuum aspirator will be noisy and it can’t be done early as in medication abortion.

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