How to do abortion using Pills?

Abortion using pills:

Commonly used abortion pill:

Unwanted pregnancy can occur in many ways. The method of abortion is decided upon the duration and the condition of the women. Most women choose high-end abortion pills.

Abortion using pill is both physically and psychologically easy for the women.

The way in which the pill works is by blocking the action of the hormone progesterone, which actually gives the normal process of pregnancy in first months.

Mifepristone is produced by many Indian companies in names like Mifepristone, Mifegyne, etc. It is the most commonly used abortion pill in India.

Period of Application:

There are many types of abortion pills available, which are domestic and also foreign. Each one has its period of application. The average time of pregnancy is up to 6 weeks. The abortion pill works up to 4 weeks, then it is less effective.

Safest abortion pill:

Mifegyne is the safest abortion pill. This pill actually belongs to opponents of progesterone, this blocks receptors of uterus and results in rejection of fetus. The uterus shrinks and the cervix get softened, thereby opens and leaves ovum. This happens for 6-8 hours.

Mifepristone pill belongs to anti-progestin agents. This works in a different way by blocking impulse to gestagen receptors. This procedure is usually accompanied by the use of any other drug which is used in the set Cytotec.


It is best for young women as in the case of surgical abortion, the possibility ofsubsequent pregnancy is usually eliminated. It also has good psychological tolerance.


It may lead to Cardiovascular failure:

In spite of using the right dose, often cardiovascular failure happens after usage of pills. There are many deaths reported from USA, UK and Sweden after usage of abortion pills.


Bleeding is normal, lasting for an average of 8-10 days and leads for a stronger menstrual period. The total blood loss is, however, same that occurs during a surgical abortion. Sometimes there comes a necessity of blood transfusion.

Stomach Cramps:

Stomach Cramps is caused by Prostaglandins, lasting from one to many hours. Nearly 20% women need minor or moderate painkillers.


Most of the women will have nausea, thereby needing medication. Vomiting or Nausea happens in some women.

It is unethical as any abortion pill kills unborn babies.

The right time to Use Abortion pills:

The best and safe method is to use it in early pregnancy. This is done by supervision of a gynaecologist.

It can be used only for 49 days from 1st day of last period.

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