What to do if baby is allergic to Egg?

Egg Allergy :

1. Infants and young children suffer from Egg allergy.
2. Children suffering from egg allergy must avoid egg in all forms. The main part responsible for allergy is the white portion in the egg. White protein from the egg is really hard to separate without traces.

Food that has Egg :

1. The labels should be checked with the following ingredients, which indicate the presence of Egg.
2. They are Cholesterol free egg substitute, Albumin, Apo Vitellin, Egg, egg white, egg yolk, Dried egg solids, dried egg, Eggnog, Egg wash, Livetin, Globulin, Fat substitutes, Lysozyme, Mayonnaise, Ovomucin, Ovoglobulin, Ovalbumin, Ovomucoid, Ovo Vitelline, Ovo vitelia, Ovotransferrin, Powdered eggs, Silica albuminate, Simplesse, Surimi, Trailblazer, Vitellin, Whole egg.
3. The egg is also found in Pasta, Lecithin, Artificial Flavoring, Baked goods, Nougat and Natural flavouring.

Yellow portion vs white portion of egg :

Since there is no way to separate yellow portion of egg from white portion, eating yellow alone can trigger allergic reaction. Generally, it is the white portion of the egg that causes allergy.

Cross-Relativity :

Cross-reactivity is very rare actually. Among Seagull egg-white, Duck, Goose, Turkey, Hen(chicken) egg-white, etc Cross-reactivity is pretty rare. But when cross-reactivity happens, the protein is seen as the same by the body’s immune system.

How to get all nutrients in an Egg-Free Diet :

1. Iron, folacin, pantothenic acid, selenium, vitamins A, D, E and B12, biotin are provided by Egg. Protein found in the egg can be easily taken from other sources like poultry, nuts, legumes, meat, fish, etc if the child is not allergic to them.
2. Fruits, Legumes, Leafy greens contain Folacin. A variety of other foods will prevent the nutritional risk of Egg.
3. Some of the essential nutrients are lost if the child avoids an Egg. Vitamin B and Iron are found in enriched and fortified flour which are in most baked foods. So other egg-free sources must be used which provide nutrition such as Iron, calories and additional nutrients.

Substitutes of Egg :

1. This is generally used in a recipe. Some of the egg replacement products are costlier than the other.
2. EggBeaters should be avoided as they low cholesterol. Egg ingredients are also present in them. A safe product can be determined by reading the label.
Some substitutes work better than others depending on the recipe.

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