What are the Exercises that every woman should do for abdomen?

Exercise that every woman should do for abdomen:

Kind of Exercises every woman should do:

Here are some of the exercises to do to for abdomen.

Plank Crawl Out: Stand up tall with feet together. Keep Core strong. Bend at the hip to touch the floor. Immediately after the fingertips touch the floor, walk the hands out till reaching a push-up position. Crawl the way back up to the initial position by inching hands backwards & picking hips to ceiling. When the feet are flat on floor bend at hips again to lift yourself to standing position.

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Side Plank: Lie on left side with knees straight. Prop upper body up on left elbow & forearm. Raise hips until body forms straight line from ankles to shoulders. Hold position for 30 seconds.



Reverse Crunch: Begin in seated position, knees bent giving 90-degree angle. Reach arms forward, palms facing each other. Exhale, pulling belly button to the spine. Roll back onto tailbone, curve the spine to a C shape. Inhale & return back to initial position.



Boat Pose: Start by sitting upright, then keep your knees bent & feet flat on ground. Lean back, balancing on sit bones, and lift legs off the floor. Extend the arms out straight and palms out. Now body forms a V shape. Hold for 30 seconds.

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Kinds of exercises to skip:

The kind of exercises to avoid for abs would be situps as they create muscular imbalances.
Supine leg raises are to be avoided. Hanging Leg Lifts are to be avoided as they make a huge pull across hips & lumbar spine. Incline Sit-Ups will hurt hip flexors from the attachment on upper leg.
The other common exercises to avoid would be Side bends, the Ab Roller, V-sits, Russian Twists, Twisting Ab Machine & bicycles.

Diet to follow during exercise:

The good diets for abs are Beans & other legumes, Eggs, Instant Oatmeal: Unsweetened, unflavored, Spinach & other green vegetables, Almonds & other nuts eaten with skins, Dairy food(Fat-free or low-fat milk, yogurt, cheese, cottage cheese), Extra-Protein powder, Peanut Butter(All-natural), Olive oil, Turkey & other lean meats(lean steak, chicken, fish).

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