What are the Exercises that every woman should do during menstruation to reduce pain?

Exercise that every woman should do during menstruation to reduce pain:

Kind of Exercises every woman should do:

Yoga focuses on deep breathing, relaxation, movements which help to reduce menstrual pain. Yoga poses like Child’s pose are advisable. The bridge pose, where the person lies on the back & places legs on a wall, stretches the lower back. It relieves pain.

Meditation also helps to relieve stress.



Swimming is really good as it does not place extra strain on your body. The cardio activity during swimming elevates the heart rate & releases endorphins which are good chemicals which relieve pain & muscle aches.




Stretching help relieves tension in muscles & can be done many times a day. Lie on back with arms stretched. Drop the knees to right & hold for 20 seconds. Lift knees in the air, lower legs parallel to the floor, hold this position for 20 seconds. Lower your legs on the left side for 20 seconds, lift to return to the middle. Repeat 3 times on each side.




Kinds of exercises to skip:

Avoid heavy cardiovascular exercises. Avoid weight training which is too heavy for back & stomach.

Exercises to be cautious about:

Yoga is really healthy, as it improves mood, relaxation, etc. But inverted poses must be avoided as it causes bleeding.
Only low-impact cardio are allowed like elliptical training, walking, swimming & similar workouts.

Diet to follow during exercise:

Avoid food having caffeine like chocolate, tea, coffee, caffeinated soda. Avoid sugary foods like candy. Avoid Red meat, dairy products, fatty & fried foods. Avoid salty & sour foods that have a high amount of sodium, etc.

Include green tea, whole grains, fresh fruits, Food rich in Omega-3 acid, Calcium & Magnesium rich foods.

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