What are the Exercises that every woman should do during menstruation for weight loss?

Exercise that every woman should do during menstruation for weight loss:

Kind of Exercises every woman should do:

The suitable exercises during periods would be performing aerobic activities like running, walking, cardio gym equipment with minimum 45 minutes per day(can also do for 60 minutes for better results).

Building muscle tissue is also recommended. It burns calories instead of fat. This can be done by lifting weights or doing calisthenic exercises like lunges & push ups(can be done two to three times weekly).





Cardio gym equipment:

Cardio gym equipment:


Kinds of exercises to skip:

Avoid doing weight lifting that strains your back or stomach, as they will be already uncomfortable during a period.

Exercises to be cautious about:

The kind of exercises to be taken care of would be Yoga. Most of the moves in Yoga are good to do. But the “inverted poses” are not recommended.

It’s because the inverted poses might lead to vascular congestion in uterus, which leads to excessive menstrual flow. This causes swelling in blood vessels in the uterus, making it bleed more. So inverted poses are not suggestible.

Diet to follow during exercise:

Drink lots of water, as its counter-intuitive. It reduces fluid retention.
Decrease salt in the diet, as salt leads to fluid retention.
Eat foods which have less gas. Eg. Live culture, plain yoghurt.
Eat regular & balanced meals.

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