What are the Exercises that every woman should do during pregnancy?

Exercise that every woman should do during pregnancy:

Kind of Exercises every woman should do:

Exercising during pregnancy help to lessen back pain, get more energy & get a better body image.

Plie: Stand parallel to the back of a chair with the hand as close as possible to the chair resting on it, feet parallel & hip-distance apart. With toes & knees out to 45 degrees, pull belly button up & in. Bend knees lowering the torso as much while keeping back straight. Straighten your legs to return to starting position.



Side-Lying Inner & Outer Thigh: Lie on right side, head support by the forearm, right leg bent at 45 degrees & left leg straight. Place opposite arm on the floor for stability. Lift left leg to hip level & repeat. Then, bend left knee & rest on top of the pillow for support. Straighten right leg & lift as high as can. Switch sides & repeat.

Side-Lying Inner & Outer Thigh


Plank: Go on your hands & knees, wrist directly under the shoulders. Lift knees & straight legs behind you till body forms straight line. Don’t arch back or let belly sag. Hold for 1 to 2 breaths.



Curl & Lift: Sit on edge of steady chair with back straight, feet on the floor, arm at side. Hold a 5 to 8 pound in each hand, palms facing body. Bend elbow so that arm forms 90 degrees. Keep elbow bent, lift weights to shoulder height, lower arms to your side, straighten to return to starting position. Repeat the steps.

Curl & Lift


One-Arm Row: By the help of a strong chair, place the right knee on the seat, left foot on the floor. Bend forward, back parallel to floor & place right hand on the seat. Hold a 5 to 8-pound weight in left hand, arm extended down & line with shoulder, palm down. Bend left elbow in a manner that arm forms 90-degree angle. Return to start. Repeat the step, switch sides.



Kinds of exercises to skip:

Do not exercise if you have a condition like heart disease, asthma or uncontrolled Type 1 diabetes. Also do not exercise if there is an obstetric condition like bleeding or spotting, weak cervix.

Exercises that should be avoided are activities that need extensive jumping, skipping, hopping, bouncing or skipping, then avoid scuba diving, bouncing while stretching, avoid deep knee bends, full-sit ups, double leg raises & straight-leg toe touches, avoid contact sports like softball, volleyball, avoid holding breath during any activity, avoid any exercise that can cause even mild abdominal trauma(like jarring motions or rapid changes in direction).

Exercises to be cautious about:

Do not bounce while stretching. Take caution while doing exercises that involves balance, take safety by holding chair. Take caution while doing toe pointing, jumping & jerky motions.

Diet to follow during exercise:

Follow the doctor’s advice, discuss with a doctor to form a schedule.
Do not over-exercise during pregnancy.
The mother should compulsorily eat well to get lots of nutrients for their & their baby’s need.
Choose bananas, whole grains, encourage RBC formation, food rich in Vitamin B6.

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