What are the Exercises that every woman should do to tone?

Exercise that every woman should do to tone:

Kind of Exercises every woman should do:

Here are some of the exercises to do to tone.

Step-Up: Stand square to bench, be careful not to stand far away from the bench. Place entire foot on bench(working leg) & push through heels, ‘step up’ until fully straight & squeezing the glutes. With same form, lower the body to return to initial position, depending on variation, step-up being done, either continue using same leg to complete all sets before switching legs or alternate legs.




Pile squat: Stand upright, move feet in such a way you are in ‘plie’ position. Keep pelvis straight & upper body straight(it is not a squat per se) lower the body until thighs are close to or parallel with floor. Stay for moment to squeeze glutes before returning to initial position.




Calf raise: Stand tall with feet hip-width apart, bracing a park or tree for balance if needed. Keep core taut, raise body until standing on tips of toes. Squeeze calves at top of movement to optimise. Return to initial position.



Split squat: Face away from the bench, stand approximately a stride far. Place non-working leg on the bench with laces down. Standing tall with core tight, lower body till knee of working leg is at 90 degree angle. Push through heel, return to initial position.



Kinds of exercises to skip:

Avoid these exercises to get toned. Crossfit is not good as injuries are common & the way the exercise is carried out is dangerous.
Yoga is good & has benefits. But it’s not the best way to lose weight.
Indoor Cycling does not help sometimes as the room gets hot, movements can be hard for some & making the person hungry.

Diet to follow during exercise:

During breakfast have a bowl of cereal with milk, yoghurt with nuts & berries, oatmeal with apple slices.
During lunch & dinner have lean protein sources(turkey, chicken, cod), salmon, Edamame beans, and eggs
During snacks have chia seeds, eggs, cottage cheese & quark.

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