What are the Exercises that every woman should do for Upper-body?

Exercise that every woman should do for Upper-body:

Kind of Exercises every woman should do:

Here are some of the exercises to do to for Upper-body.

Chest Press: Lie down on flat bench with weight in each hand & feet in air, knees at 90 degrees. During exhalation raise slowly each weight above chest. When elbows are straight, turn palms inward as you continue to straighten elbows until weight touch & palms face each other. While inhaling, spread weights apart slowly & rotate palms forward to initial position.



Arm Raise: With weight in each hand, stand with shoulder width far. Slowly raise both weights in front until hands are with line to shoulders. Return weight to initial position. Raise both weights to side forming T shape.



Pushup On Ball: Using stability ball, get into pushup pose with hands under your shoulders & feet on wall. Exhale as bend elbows, slowly lowering chest to floor. Inhale and slowly raise chest to initial position.



Bench Dip: With feet resting on a stability ball, place palms on bench, fingers facing forward & bottom lifted off bench. While exhaling bend elbows to slowly lower hips. When resistance is felt, inhale and straighten arms.



Kinds of exercises to skip:

Back extensions are not good for upper body. It’s because they use butt instead of lumbar erectors. And most of the back injuries & tightness come from a weak posterior chain & can be prevented by strengthening of glutes.
Upright Rows are not advisable as it causes internal rotation & shoulder shrugging, making levels of impingement.
Smith Machine Bench Press also cases damage & should be avoided.

Diet to follow during exercise:

Eat lots of protein. Eat Chicken breast, nuts & fish.
Increase overall caloric consumption & carbohydrates. Also, include Fruits & Vegetables.

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