Is it healthy to eat Oranges during pregnancy

No, It is not healthy to eat Oranges during Pregnancy. Although oranges are known to be rich sources of vitamin C that can keep you as well as your little baby healthy and in good mood all day long. But there are many disadvantages of eating Orange.

Disadvantages of Eating Orange During Pregnancy:

  • Oranges being citric fruits can lead to the cold or a sore throat during pregnancy. Thereby, chances of developing infections increase for both you & your baby.
  • Your immune system is weak during pregnancy. And, you can easily contract foodborne diseases. You may be affected by Listeria, which makes the unborn baby allergic.
  • It is best to drink orange juices that are labeled “pasteurized”. As they are more healthy & safe.
  • Since orange juices might cause dehydration, in some extreme cases miscarriage. it is best to drink the juice within limits.

Benefits Of Eating Oranges During Pregnancy:

  • National Institutes of Health recommends that a pregnant mother must consume 85mg vitamin C every day.
  • Some of the nutritional benefits of Orange are they are Rich Source Of Vitamin C, Reduce Allergic Reactions, presence of Folate(folic acid), its peel contains the highest amount of Vitamin C, Prevents Hypertension & Constipation, Etc.

Recommended Time to Eat Orange?

  • Navel Oranges are the ones recommended as evening snacks are also recommended.

Tips to select right oranges to eat during pregnancy:

  • Navel Oranges are the ones best, as can help prevent certain types of disorders ranging from bone problems, heart disorders, anemia and others. This type of fruit is suitable for pregnant women who are not allergic to citrus fruits.

NOTE: It is always safe to consult your doctor before adding or removing any foods during pregnancy.

Alternatives to Orange:

If you’re allergic to orange you can also use these alternatives.

  1. Apples –  useful in cleansing and detoxifying your body from mercury and lead.
  1. Green Grapes – Pregnant women can eat green grapes regularly provided you do not have gestational diabetes as it is high in glucose and fructose.

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