Is It Healthy To Eat Pakora Fruit During Pregnancy?

No, it is not safe to eat Pakora during pregnancy. Fried food must be avoided in general.

Disadvantages of eating Pakora during pregnancy :

1. When you are pregnant, the immune system gives first preference to the baby, not you. Which makes you more susceptible to foodborne illness or food poisoning.
2. Also, the Pakora is usually a street food, so the risk of getting an infection or stomach bug is more here because of poor food hygiene and unclean water.

But having Pakora rarely at home is ok.

Tips while having outside food :

1. Make sure the food joint is clean and reputable. See for hygiene and quality. Choose them only from people you know.
2. Never drink water from outside. Always drink sealed bottled water. Avoid food that involves raw and uncooked vegetables.
3. Also, avoid Dahi Bhalle as eating in most cases taking excess of sour curd can upset stomach.
4. Do not eat cheese or paneer from outside as quality is questionable. Never eat fruit chaat from a roadside stall.
5. Be careful while having water during monsoon season as they are the main source of bacterial contamination.
6. Do not eat chutney from the vendors. Only eat ketchup or any sauce which is sealed.
7. Never drink sugarcane juice from outside, as they can easily contain a colony of germs.
8. Never eat ice-cream bars or kulfis that are not branded.

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