Is It Healthy To Eat Ragi Malt During Pregnancy?

Yes, Ragi malt is very healthy during pregnancy.

Benefits of Ragi Malt During Pregnancy :

1. Ragi has calcium which is very good for strong teeth and bones.
2. A pregnant woman always worries about her weight during pregnancy, this can be maintained by controlling fat that enters the body. Ragi will give a pregnant mother enough natural fat
Because of fetal growth, the bowel is narrowed, thereby causing digestion problem. Ragi has lots of fiber which assist movement of food in intestines.
3. Ragi has vitamin C which helps in absorption of iron which is essential for the growth of a fetus.
4. Stress during pregnancy is both psychological and hormonal. Amino acids are present in Ragi which help to release stress and depression.
5. Ragi has polyphenol which helps in maintaining glucose level. Ragi is gluten-free, which makes it good for mothers who are allergic to gluten. Ragi malt also helps to increase milk production for exclusive breastfeeding as it’s rich in amino acid, calcium and iron.
6. Ragi malt helps to maintain cholesterol levels, as high cholesterol level could lead to serious hypertension. Ragi malt is a good source of protein and mineral for a vegetarian.

Preferably along with breakfast.

NOTE: It is always safe to consult your doctor before adding or removing any foods during pregnancy.

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