Is it healthy to eat Sweet Pan during pregnancy?

No, Sweet Paan is not safe to eat during Pregnancy.

Benefits of Eating Apple During Pregnancy :

1. Betel leaves are actually good for digestion and good for improving pregnant woman’s appetite.
2. They also contain minerals and vitamins.
3. It is usually coated with a thin layer of chunna or slaked lime, which extracts all nutrients. But there is no scientific proof for that.

Cons for eating Sweet Pan :

1. Chewing this mixture of Betel leaf might cause cancer.
2. Chewing the mixture of Betel leaves might increase the risk of birth defects and also miscarriages.
3. It causes mouth ulcers. Sometimes it causes cancer which would be incurable. It will attack organs like throat, larynx and oesophagus.
4. When it is mixed with tobacco, it gives a feeling of ecstasy. Those who fall for this addiction cannot come out.
5. When this is combined with slaked lime, it causes heart palpitations and coronary diseases. It is also a dangerous addiction when consumed with slaked lime.
6. It also causes obesity.

NOTE: It is always safe to consult your doctor before adding or removing any foods during pregnancy.

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