How To Help Your Child Make A Career In Sports?

Permitting to let your child choose sports as a career is an important decision a parent can make.

Role of parents :

1. One of the major and biggest contribution to your child choosing and becoming a sports person is your support. Encouraging your child actually gives them the drive to over-perform and excel in the field as a professional endeavor.
2. Make them try different kind of sports, so that they choose which one is best for them.
After they have chosen the sport, the major task is to help them in the path of discipline, even if it requires to wake up before them and to make them ready for 5 am at the practice ground.
3. Morally supporting the child is very essential. But at the same time do not bring sports conversations at the dinner table. Just check whether they are doing well. Do not monitor each and every aspect as it will get them frustrated.
4. How much they train really matters. They should never overstrain themselves for the particular age. They should only take efforts as per their age. The intensity of the training modules must be only according to their age.

Encouraging the child :

Things to do:

1. Shouting or patting at the back of the child for a good play, anchors the positive moment and helps them achieve more.
2. Persons who are good players have told that their parents have always attended their games, took them to see minor & major leagues, gave money for the equipment, also provided them allowance at high school, they actually practiced with them on a regular scale, also gave motivation to pursue all sports careers.

Things not to do:

1. Sometimes the presence of parents in the field has caused negativity to some children, that there is a deterioration of their performance because of their presence.
2. Never upset the child or the coach or the officials, as it will cause tension not only to the family but also for other athletes on the field.
Sometimes, parents of others might discourage the child.

Criticism :

Things to do:

1. Parents must offer constructive criticism for the child’s growth.
2. Parents who want their child to outperform provide coaching at an early stage. It is very common. This skill building is free of structure when compared to an organised sports program.
It is really challenging to be a parent and a coach at the same time. Sometimes the children cannot distinguish both.

Things not to do:

Never be supportive in a manner that it clashes the coaching in progress.

How to be a role model :

Things to do:

Children often learn from the parents, if they see self-control in you play, then they automatically get them.
Be calm and thoughtful in difficult situations. As it helps the child to take things positively and grow up.
Always remember that children learn better from their conclusions and observations of adult behavior.

Things not to do:

Never lose your temper and shout at officials.
Never yell or criticise opponent players as the children follow you as a role model.
Never yell at the child for performing low.

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