How to help your child overcome public speaking fears?

Here are some basic techniques to help your child overcome public speaking fear.

Having an audience at home:

Bring family members who show concern for your child to your home. Bring also nice neighbours, pets and also stuffed animals. This makes the child feel like speaking to a bigger group that represent the child’s class.

Provide them with a space to practice:

If possible give them a room if they need. Allocate time and space during the day which is comfortable for the child to rehearse the presentation. A lot of children need privacy to seek confidence before performing for an audience.

Make some karaoke:

Singing is similar to public speaking which is lot more fun. It will be a good practice. Buy a karaoke machine which would help the child to sing & read at same time. Motivate the child to play with the voice to get comfortable.

Keep working on projection and modulation:

Check how far your child’s voice can reach, by standing far from the child. Provide guidance to the child to not to yell, alter the child’s tone and volume depending upon audience size.

Making it enjoyable:

Make the practice silly twice or once with an accent. Do a bow for applause between readings. This will make the child feel like playing rather than serious talking.

Give it another name:

Coin a different name for it. As public speaking looks un-fun and intimidating give a different name for it. This will help the child to make it feel better in case the child has public speaking fear.

Become a cheerleader:

Provide a lot of good motivating feedback before and after the presentation writing and rehearsal process. Give compliments to the child, this will help build confidence.

Avoid looking at them in the eye:

Guide the child to always see somewhere above the audience’s heads. By doing like this, the child will have a focal point which is not looking at the face of anyone directly. As sometimes looking at the face might break or bring down the concentration.

Behaviour modeling:

The best way to give confidence to your child and to overcome fear is to give a speech of your own. Make a presentation before the presentation of the child. Make it a week ago.

Videotaping really helps:

Forming a video motivates the child a lot. This will make the process sound more fun and also gives an opportunity for them to hear themselves. This process will also help them to improve their body language.

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