How to help your child pay attention in school?

Classroom management is level at which students pay attention. It is very crucial aspect of effective teaching and is key measure of learning. There are simple strategies which can help teachers keep and get their student’s attention.

Strategy before starting lesson:

Bellringer exercise is one of the best-known strategies among a number of great strategies that help before starting a lesson in order to get student’s attention. While the teacher performs other housekeeping activities, Bellringers are short activities students complete in the first few minutes of class.

Short videos, puzzles, questions for students to think about the lesson are Bellringers. The key is to make sure the lesson will be related in such a manner that the Bellringer creates interest in it.

Taking class by the “Having the brain in mind” Strategy:

Teach the students how their brains work in the mind, it’s a very successful way to teach students to pay attention. Include activities that make use of several senses while teaching. For example a powerpoint presentation that includes a oral instruction.

Make sure to pace your lesson in small “chunks”, in order to not to lose Focus. Keep changing your teaching techniques so that they don’t get bored. See whether the students are following what you are teaching by stopping the lesson casually.

Strategy after ending the lesson:

When the teacher closes the lesson really well, it helps students maintain focus on material. Ask the students about what they have learned once the main portion of the lesson gets over. Discuss with students of what they are not sure of. Reteach these portions by taking a few moments.

Give goals:

Tell the child that if she makes the bedrooms tidy, then they will get a doll or ride outside, etc. It will provide motivation and at the same time give concentration to focus.

Making use of a timer:

Set a timer which the child can observe. It can be anything. Even a couple of songs. For example say that “Let’s see how many problems you can solve in four songs”, etc.

Attention Problem:

When some children have attention as a problem, they will not be able to listen. Those children will be quiet, but they won’t be doing any other work or assignment. Those children will see around and if everybody is doing a task then the child will do it too.

This problem is solved very easily in children by good support.

Praise boredom:

When the child goes to a hairdresser, they will sit, occupy and wait. They will understand that not everything is fun in life. This gives them a perspective to accept boredom

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