How to help your child pick a college?

Here are some strategies or tips that you can follow to help your child and yourself while going through the process of admission, both to minimize stress and make it all success.

Searching for college takes energy and time:

Make sure you allocate time for searching the right college, as your presence as a guide is significant. Be sure to include a guidance counsellor, as they would really help to put the child on the right track.

Do a college visit today:

The right thing to do is to take the child to a college. It need not be the college in which the child is going to get admitted, etc. But taking the child to the college will help the child get a feeling of how the college is, how the campus, and environment is. Do take the child to the dining hall.

When you go on a vacation, take your child to an out-of-state college, it would also create an impression.

Motivate for good grades in challenging classes:

It’s good if the child scores higher grades at a tough course, it will make him grow better.But at the same time don’t recommend child to take the hardest of courses all the time.

Mostly the decision comes from the fact about what is offered and what he can handle. Never make your child do nothing else except study. This leads to arguments, etc.

Make your child keep in mind the past activities and achievements:

The college application form is the “stats” sheet having personal data like test scores, academic honours, work experience and extracurricular activities which are used for college admission officers.

Make the child recall the things he has carried out during last four years, usually parents remember the most important achievements and accomplishments. But keep in mind to not to list everything.

Within the limited space provided in the application form, the child must choose the best talents or achievements.

Never try badgering your child’s recommenders:

Never provide recommendation letters as the person who is reviewing the child for admission will not help and may get annoyed. Instead trust in your child, let them have a good idea of which teacher will write favourable evaluations. You can only help them remind to make sure that they are handled properly. Like, make the remainder three or two months before deadline.

Be a mock interviewer:

Many times interviews can be frightening. The best way to prepare the child is to do a mock interview. In the beginning the son or daughter may be embarrassed because you are the person interviewing them.

Very crucial thing to do is to give a constructive feedback after the interview. Never focus on the child’s weakness. Instead tell the child the set of questions which were answered well.

Don’t go to interview with the child. Many parents think it would be supportive if the parents go and talk on behalf of their child in the interview. There is a 100 percent chance of such an approach that is not working.

Always be positive:

Sometimes the best students are not accepted by all colleges. Based on each college’s own pool of needs and applicants, the admission officers may or may not accept the child.

The best way to support the child is in their own decision and to be positive throughout.

Provide freedom for the child to choose:

Give freedom to the child because, after being selected by many colleges, the child should choose. The child is only going to the college, not you.

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