How to help your child develop strong writing skills?

Things needed for children to become better writers:
Most of the things you need will be yarn or ribbon, construction paper, safety scissors, pencils, crayons or markers, notebook or writing paper, cardboard or heavy paper, etc.
Give the child a place to write regularly:
Provide the child with a clean neat space. Also give the child a table or desk. Make sure that the place has enough lighting to study.
Give the child the necessary materials :
Make the child well equipped with plenty of paper(unlined and lined). Give pencils,
Crayons and pens.
Brainstorm :
Encourage the child to write by giving ideas and impressions. For example, ask the
child to write about you or events.
Fun tasks for young children :
Motivate the child to draw some and discuss the same drawings :
Ask some nice questions about drawing like “Wow, how did you draw it, it’s really nice”, etc.
Make your child tell stories that are simple:
Without any changes, copy the story as she tells them. Ask for any clarification if not clear.
Motivate the child to write her name:
Encourage her to write her name. Point out letters in her name. Point out her
name when you see at stores.
Try using games :
There are plenty of games that increase the vocabulary of the child like word
games, anagrams, crossword puzzles, cryptograms, etc.
Whatever the child writes, turn them into books:
Using a construction paper paste her writings and drawings. Using a heavier paper
or cardboard make a cover, also add special art, give a nice title and write her name as author.
Daily Activities:
Ensure that child watches you write :
The child learns by watching you write. Speak with her about many way writing can be used.
Even if the child scribbles, encourage the child to write :
Provide her with lot of opportunities to write like stories, birthday cards and also lists.
When your child get old, start writing together :
Make your child help you with your writing. Like include the child while writing messages, shopping lists or letters.
Encourage Taking Notes:
Motivate the child to describe what she saw in trips or outings. She can also describe boat ride, car trip, nature walks, or other things that involve taking notes.
Make the child copy:
Make the child copy quotations or poems from books and plays. You can even ask the child to write a song down.
Things to remember:
Be patient :
Allow your child to think, to prepare, to research before starting to write. The child
Will dawdle, get papers ready, sharpen pencil, look up, etc. These are part of her preparation.
Respond to the writing of the child :
Make her feel that you are interested in her writing. It also means showing interest
on what she writes, how she writes them and also ignore minor errors.
Appreciate your child’s writing :
Say good things when your child write.

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