How to make your kid gain weight?

Tips to make your kid gain weight:

  • Eating at the right time makes the kids good enthusiastic eaters. Not only that eating food at right time is good for digestion rather than at wrong intervals.
  • Get advice from a physician if your child is not eating well, it maybe also due to food allergies or intolerances, digestive problems, etc. The physician can identify it exactly.
  • Provide variety of food for eating. As children get motivated for variety of food, and eat well. And also not compromising on nutrients.

Diets to follow:

  • Butter is very good for weight gain if bought from the right brand. And is advisable to be administered in proper quantities. Fruits also help to gain weight. Fruits like mangoes, papayas, pineapple & others are rich in natural sugars & help in weight gain.
  • Chicken really helps in weight gain & building muscle. And chicken is easily affordable & available.Lamb or beef steak are very good natural source of iron & fat, that helps to gain weight.
  • Potatoes help to gain weight as they contain amino acids(arginine & glutamine). Banana has a lot of calories in it(105 approx). Avocados are also rich in calories. Eggs also help as they contain a lot of protein, vitamin A & vitamin B12.
  • Milk is a very good source of protein & carbohydrates

Exercises to follow:

  • Exercises allow to gain weight healthily instead of gaining weight as body fat.
  • Squats help to gain weight in glutes, calves, thighs & hips.
  • Jogging on a treadmill helps to builds muscle, and burn up unnecessary body fat & helps to gain weight healthily. ¬†Pushups also stimulate muscle growth & helps in weight gain.

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