How to make your kids run faster?

Tips to make your kid run faster:

  • Motivation. Anchor every small success that the child shows while running. Give a pat on their back & get them something they like.
  • Plenty of sleep. Proper sleep is essential, as improper sleep might lead to fatigue.
  • Kids must maintain good posture to run, which actually helps them to run faster.
  • Words mean a lot. There is a small difference between motivation & pushing to achieve. Always use words like “You can”, etc. Instead of “You must”. And at the race, you can say “I believe in you” rather than “You must win or else, etc”.

Diets to follow:

  • Avoid sweets. They are rich in glucose, but they don’t actually help, but slow us down.
  • Eat lots of whole grains & pasta, they provide long-lasting energy.
  • Include beetroot, oatmeal, fruits. Beetroot contains nitrates which help to run a lot faster. Oatmeal contains vitamin B which break down carbohydrates into glucose & provide energy. Fruits taken as a juice, they help to stay hydrated in running and also contain good sugar.
  • Include dark leafy greens, they contain nitrates, vitamin C & K, also iron which help to maintain optimum health. Green Tea is good as it has caffeine, giving a boost to run and also less acidic.

Exercises to follow:

  • Anchor Drill is an important exercise for running, it helps to understand the biomechanics of running. It helps the kid to correct the stroke, develops core & helps in achieving balance.
  • Quick Step Drill is very important in developing speed, it helps to understand how to effectively keep foot while running to gain maximum speed.
  • Making them run fast on a regular basis. This actually provides good strength & stamina for them to run which conditions their body.
  • Avoid unnecessary running, training too hard eventually makes the child get exhausted. Include relaxation techniques help a lot for the mind & body. Like meditation, visualising the moment in mind running & becoming a champion.

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