How to make your kids smarter?

Tips to make your kid smarter:

  • Reading with kids makes them smarter. Reading with kids makes them follow the words, grasp the pronunciation & make them remember the meaning as well as how it is being pronounced. This makes the kids smarter.
  • Self-discipline makes them smarter. Self-discipline gives the kids a systematic approach & focus for the kids. It makes the task completion easier. Science has proven that self-discipline is more important than IQ.
  • Proper sleep & rest. They are essential to make the kids smart. Proper rest gives the child enough energy for the next day. Science has proven that if a sixth-grade child does not sleep properly then its brain turns to that of a fourth-grade child.
  • Motivating the kid, makes them smart. If a kid gets motivated at each & every baby step of success, then the kid believes that she is going on the right path & also anchors happiness for each success they achieve.
  • Happiness is very important to make the kid smarter. It’s in the mindset of the kid, a happy kid has a better focus on success & on positive things, whereas unhappy kids don’t focus on positive things. So, happiness actually makes kids go on the right track & makes them smarter every day.

Diets to follow:

  • Some of the food that makes the child smarter are natural sugars like dried fruits, custard apple, honey, banana, all these can be included in the breakfast.
  • Nuts also make kids smarter, can be taken in the evenings. Nuts like walnuts, peanuts, cashews, almonds.
  • Milk & products of milk make a kid smarter like yoghurt, cheese & paneer
  • Green leafy vegetables (methi, spinach, methi, etc) preferably can be had in mornings to make kids smarter.
  • Other foods are turmeric, seafood, ghee & fresh white butter.

Exercises to follow:

  • Go to the playground. Going to the playground helps the kid in coordination & problem-solving skills.
  • Listening to music. It is true that listening to music can boost memory, attention & learning.
  • Letting child play computer games that are about math, music, letters, phonics & other sounds. This helps in hand-eye coordination.

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