How to make your kids taller?

Tips to make your kid taller:

  • Plenty of sleep. Getting lots of sleep makes you grow better. It happens because body grows and regenerates tissue when the kid is at rest.
  • Having a good posture. As having a straight spine, shoulders stretched, hips in a straight, makes feel confident.And also grow taller.
  • Confidence & Belief. Having a good confidence in oneself & belief is very essential. They encourage them to be more confident, stand straight.

Diets to follow:

  • Avoiding Bad habits. Do not drink Coffee, don’t smoke, don’t take artificial hormonal capsules which say that they help in child’s growth as they actually don’t.
  • Consuming 500mg of niacin in the empty stomach increases growth hormone levels & make the kids grow.
  • Drinking milk & eating green vegetables increases calcium in the bones & promote growth.
  • Eat meat or eggs if you are non-vegetarian. Eat legumes or tofu if you are vegetarian. All these foods are rich in protein.

Exercises to follow:

  • Jogging, jumping & hanging really helps to increase growth in children.
  • Working out with the ankle weight. This actually stretches the cartilage between knees, making the child taller.
  • Swimming helps the entire body to become taller & stronger. And skipping helps a lot.
  • Yoga & stretching really helps the kids to grow tall. Yoga postures like Chakrasana, Suryanamaskar, etc.

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