What are the symptoms of Ascariasis in children?

Symptoms of Ascariasis in children:

Kinds of symptoms in children:

Adults & older children may not have any symptoms. Symptoms in children are coughing, stomach pain, worms coming out of the nose or mouth, wheezing, fever, loss of appetite, worms that resemble earthworms in bowel movement, weight loss or not growing.

Apart from these in case if worms block an intestine, then children will have vomiting & severe pain, hard & bloated belly


A Stool test can be useful to diagnose ascariasis. The stool might contain eggs of the worm & if the worm is a female.

A Blood test can be used as Ascariasis can elevate the eosinophils & other health problems.

X-rays will be helpful if you are affected. The mass of worms is visible in abdomen X-Ray, rarely chest X-ray reveal larvae.

Ultrasound can reveal worms in pancreas or liver. CT scans or MRI will find worms blocking ducts like liver or pancreas.

How common is it?

Ascariasis is common where drinking water & food are exposed to faecal matter. And also where the drinking water & food are not safe.

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