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A 11-year Old Designs Google India’s Doodle On Children’s Day


It is no new information to us that Google always comes up with innovative designs as doodles to their homepage on every special occasion globally. This Children’s day they had an idea of bringing out the talents of young buddies.

The doodle featured on November 14th was truly special for a different reason



The doodle was designed by Anvita Prashant Telang, a 11-year-old Pune kid! Anvita is a sixth-grade student at Vibgyor High School, Balewadi. The concept of the doodle design according to her is “all the simple things in life that lead to happiness”.



Sapna Chanda, Head of marketing, Google India said that “it was really heart touching to see these young minds come out with these lovely creative thoughts and ideas”. Entries from over 50 cities came in and Anvita was chosen the winner. Voting for the winner happened for about 10 days.

It is to be noted that this was Google India’s 8th edition of the contest. Google aims in promoting creativity, passion, and imagination amongst these young champs.

So, moms of artist kids who are reading this, you know what to do? Get your kids to design the next Google doodle next year 🙂

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