Hi all,


          Diwali or Deepavali 2013 is just 10 days away, this year diwali falls on 3rd November 2013.  Festival is incomplete with out sweets especially for Diwali we would like to indulge in more sweet varities. so I am listing easy diwali sweets recipes and snacks for all…..Enjoy diwali 🙂




    Bread rasmalai in bharamtoms.com   Chocolate milk peda in bharatmoms.com  Coconut barfi in bharatmoms.com

               Bread Rasmalai             Chocolate Milk Peda            Coconut Barfi



    Coconut ladoo in bharatmoms.com  Dates ladoo in bharatmoms.com  

           Coconut Laddoo                 Dates Laddu                   Dharwad Pedha



      Chocolate peda in bharatmoms.com  mysore pak in bharatmoms.com  Halwa in bharatmoms.com

           Chocolate Peda                   Mysore Pak                         Kasi Halwa



    Maida Murukku in bharatmoms.com  Malapura in bharatmoms.com  Puran bholi in bharatrmoms.com

         Maida Murukku                        Malapura                           Puran Polli



                              rasagula in bharatmoms.com  rava laddo in bharatmoms.com

                                              Rasagulla                               Rava Laddoo