Among the many festivals celebrated all over the world, Christmas is one of the most popular ones. To make the festival memorable, people look for unique ways to celebrate it in their homes. The main idea behind celebrating the festival is to share joy and peace with everyone. Since the festival is all about meeting people, sharing sweets, celebrating the joy and making some memorable moments, it is a must to look for new decoration ideas to make the visitors feel that they have entered into a new and special place.

Here are a few Christmas decoration ideas:

Ornament the entrance: A Christmas tree can be placed outdoor to welcome the visitors. A garland also can be hung in the window with lanterns on either side of the garland.


Prepare an advent calendar: Just to make a visit to your house memorable, you can create an advent calendar with an old frame well painted or sprayed. Tags can be created in a template of your choice and ornaments in gold, silver and neutral can be placed.


A beautiful bow wreath can be created using multiple colours or just in white and red. It can be hanged on the windows, doors and entrance to enhance the look of your house. If you are having an idea of having a theme based decoration for Christmas this year, the colours and shape can be designed based on the theme.


A number of stars can be strung up here and there, especially on the curtain pole, fan ceilings and door sides. When a cluster of stars is hanged at a place, they can give a look of a starry sky.


You can place gifts in your bookshelves with a simple decoration with floral wreaths or small stars.


Decorate the entryway with stockings turned into Santa’s foot along with some wrapped presents.


To enhance the elegance, place gold coloured pine cones here and there. You can even make a bouquet of pine cones and place it in the living room.


Seat the guests in Santa chairs by covering your dining chairs with Santa’s cap like chair toppers.


Make every pillow or cushion look like a gift, by simply wrapping a satin tape around the pillow.


If you have kids at home, you can design a tree for them with their hankies and pin them in their room.


Go green this Christmas with green garlands placed everywhere.


Convert cups into beautiful mantel to light candles by colouring the cups in your favourite colour and design.


To add a better look to the doors, you can deck the all the doors with pine cones. Satin tapes can be tied to the pine cones and dangled to the doors. If you want to decorate the doors grandly, dangle a number of pine cones together.


Use the tins of cookies and candy to make a cake like structure by stacking them one over the other. You can even paint the tins or cover them with colour papers of our choice to give a better look.


Christmas time is a season of greeting cards. You can build a greeting card ladder by pinning all the Christmas greetings you received to the ladder.


Hang welcome gifts to the garland in your front yard. This will not just invite people with a feeling of embrace, but also make kids remember your place very well.