Hi mom,


Ganesha Chaturthi is one of the most popular Hindu festivals. This is the birthday of Lord Ganesha and Ganesha idols are getting ready in full swing with the festive spirit… 


Let’s celebrate this auspicious occasion with Bharatmoms by taking part in our interactive Ganesh Chathurthi special contest!

Play this simple contest and win some special gifts  from Bharatmoms for Ganesh Chathurthi 2012.

The games begains with simple questions related to ganesh chathurthi or Lord Ganesha. Just answer it and post your simple funny or informative questions to other moms. The game continue by the randam posting of questions and answers. The prize will be given for the mom who gave more comments(both questions & answers).

This Contest starts from today. 


Here’s your first question!


"Which animal is the vehicle of Lord Ganesha?"


Good Luck! 



Rules for the contest:


1. The questions must be related to Ganesh Chathurthi or about Lord Ganesha.

2. Don’t answer your own question.
3. Irrelevant comments will not be counted.