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                             Varalakshmi Vratham in 2013

        2013 varalakshmi vratham celebration|Tips to prepare for varalakshmi vratham|date for varalakshmi vratham

           :::::  Varalakshmi Vratham in 2013 is on 16th of August  ::::

  • The Varalakshmi Vratham is believed to bestow blessings on women. Women pray for their husbands and children, and Goddess Lakshmi grants all the wishes of the women who worship with great devotion and pure heart.
  • It is believed that worshipping Goddess Vara-Lakshmi on this day is equivalent to worshipping Ashta-Lakshmi – the eight Goddesses of Wealth (Sri), Earth (Bhu), Learning (Saraswati), Love (Priti), Fame (Kirti), Peace (Shanti), Pleasure (Tushti) and Strength (Pushti)

The Story Behind Vara Lakshmi Vratham Celebrate the Vara Lakshmi Vratham in 2013 with sheer joy and enthusiasm to get the blessings of Varalakshmi. Happy Varalaxmi Vratham 2013! May Varalaksmi fulfill all your wishes!

Once, Parvati and Parameshwara were playing the game of chess. Parvati was winning each game consecutively, but it is believed that Parameshwara was deliberately claiming to win the game in order to increase the curiosity of Parvati.
Parvati decided have an umpire, and for this purpose, Chitranemi was chosen. He was the creation of Parameshwara. He took the side of Parameshwara and this magnified Parvati’s anger. She cursed Chitranemi that he would become a leper as he has discharged his duties in an unjust manner.
Chitranemi begged Parvati to relieve him of the curse. She said that he can only get rid of the curse if he observes that Vara Lakshmi Vratham. By doing this, Chitranemi got rid of this disease.


How is Vara Lakshmi Vratham Celebrated?

varalakshmi pooja celebration date and how to celebrate methods in Bharatmoms.com

  • Varalakshmi Vratam is an important Puja, dedicated to Goddess Varalakshmi,Varalakshmi is another form of Lord Vishnu’s consort Lakshmi, the Goddess of wealth.
  • The festival is mainly the festival of women. Women on the occasion of Varalakshmi Vrat observe fast. The preparations for the festivals start a day before. Women take bath early morning and worship Goddess Lakshmi with utmost devotion. They worship for the well being of their husbands and children along with the entire family.
  • Place a small short table facing East.Spread a new pink/Red silk cloth or simply draw a Lotus kolam (see the attached photo) with rice flour on the table. Above the silk cloth/ kolam spread a banana leaf (tip portion) .If you cannot get a banana leaf buy a new tray and use it instead .Spread 1 cup of rice mixed with turmeric above the leaf/plate.Place kumkum, turmeric ,bangles, a small mirror, a small comb, banana, betel leaf and areca nut ( paaku) in the edges.


  • Next is the preparation of the ‘kalasham or kalash.’ Select a bronze or silver pot, clean thoroughly and apply SUNNAMBU under the pot (this symbolizes that goddess lakshmi stays in the lord vishnu’s chest which is in white colour). Then apply turmeric paste or sandalwood Paste. Take one cup of white rice and mix it with half a cup of any kind of dhal (Raw rice). Be legible in having this rice because it is very auspicious rice and we are going to use it year round. Put the rice and dhal inside the clean kalasam


  • Also put some coins, one lemon,5 betel leaves, 5 areca nut,5 dates, if possible put some gold and silver jewels inside the kalasam. Arrange some mango leaves on the kalasam. 
  • coat a coconut with turmeric paste and place it above the kalasam. If you are lucky enough to get a face image of Varalakshmi then stick it to the coconut’s side. Or you can also draw a face on the coconut instead. Tie a mangal suthram (Thaali saradu) around the neck of the kalasham. If is it possible try to get kawoolai(this is a small piece of dried palm leaf which denotes the hearing which was used by Charumathi) and a karugamani maalai(it is a black beaded chain which also denotes the chain used by Charumathi due to her poverty). Now you can dress up your varalakshmi with a small skirt tailored specially for her and jewels and can do all decorations and place this kalasam on the stool.


  • Now you have incarnated Mother varaLakshmi in the kalasam.
  • Decorate the kalasam with flowers .Use your imagination. some people make plaits and decorate theMother with lot of flowers. Prepare nonbu kayiru which can be any amount (9 yellow threads twisted and make 9 knots )and place it in pooja.(There is no restriction in this pooja , even simple flowers and chanting the mother’s name will please Her.)


  • Make an arrangement in your pooja room to welcome and place mother varalakshmi. This can be made by arranging a stool covered with a red cloth and tide up with 2 banana trees. Or put a kolam or rangoli on the stool, spread a banana leaf (tip portion) filled with white rice for placing mother Varalakshmi.This is called as the “Mandabam”.Then whole heartedly request her to come.


  • This is called the pooja of inviting the Mother Varalakshmi.Just let one tiny bulb shine all over the night.


  • People wake up early in the morning on Friday and take a bath. Traditionally speaking the waking up time for the pooja is the brahma muhurtham ( 3 hours before to sun raise). Then a beautiful ‘kolam’ or rangoli is drawn on the intended place of pooja. The kolam should be based on lotus,or kubera lakshmi kolam 
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  • In some areas, women place a mirror behind the kalasham. Today, there are also specially made Varalakshmi pots available in the market.The kalasham is usually placed on a bed of rice. First Lord Ganesha is worshipped. Then begins the Varalakshmi Pooja. The pooja consists of chanting slokas dedicated to Goddess Lakshmi like the Lakshmi Sahasranamam. Arati is performed on the kalasham. Different types of sweets are offered. Some people offer pongal, payasam, appam etc….
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  • The woman who is observing the Varalakshmi Pooja abstains from eating certain kind of food and this varies from region to region. In some regions, women fast till the pooja period.

Celebrate the Vara Lakshmi Vratham in 2013 with sheer joy and enthusiasm to get the blessings of Varalakshmi.

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