Hi Girls,


From school days it was too familiar among girls and boys, but good thing is that we need to wear uniform daily so that will escape from color and comments, tension free..

During college days everyone ready to watch which type of color is she wearing, and we plan the dress and wear that…Little bit enjoyment on feb 14 by commenting the friends dress color code and kidding like that….

Now am in working environment…The world is big and will comes like circle like that, here now itself  girls starts the discussion about valentines day dress color and meaning…

So that collected for some friends and going to post it here, hope that this will useful to some moms :). Here you can check complete dress code and meaning for valentines day.


Valentine’s Day Dress Color code meaning:


1. Red dress- Already in love!

2. Pink dress- Proposal just accepted!

3.Yellow dress- I am going to propose!

4. Blue dress- I am free now and any body can approach!

5. Green dress- I am waiting for you only!

6. White dress- Sorry dear, I am already booked!

7. Brown/Orange dress- Broken hearts!

8. Black dress- Proposal rejected!

9. Purple dress- Not interested, better luck next time!