A handbag is every woman’s trusted companion and confidante. We keep some things that we don’t want others to see, in our handbags. We cherish them and take good care of them in return. Handbags are the best place to keep all of your daily necessities. Be it a traveller or a working woman, there are some essential items you should always keep in your handbag. Here are some of them:


A headache is very common nowadays. So, I always carry half a strip of painkiller tablets with me.



Scribble Pad And Pen

Sure, you have your phone to type down names and numbers, but keeping a scribble pad will help you freestyle.



Sanitary Napkins

It’s always better to have at least two pads or tampons with you. One is to give away to any woman who is in need and another if in case your period comes early.




Nobody likes bad breath. Sometimes, the taste of lunch will linger around. So, keeping some Orbit or Polo will come handy.



Hand Sanitizer

The places you visit everyday may not be clean and hygienic. It is always safe for you to carry a hand sanitizer with you.

Hand sanitizer



There is always a demand for bobby pins or safety pins. You don’t know when an emergency will arise. Keep some bobby pins and safety pins with you always.

Safety pin


Pepper spray

Self defence, girls!

pepper spray


Hair Clips And Scrunchies

You may have walked out with your hair loose, but halfway through, you probably decide to tie your hair. I had this habit of tying a knot with a Reynolds pen. It damaged my hair and often left me without a pen. Since then, I keep some coloured hair clips, scrunchies and sometimes, even a hair band.



Compact powder

You won’t know when you need a quick touch up. Keeping a compact handy is a wise thing to do.

Compact powder



These sticker bindis often get misplaced or come off after you wash your face. I always carry a small sheet of bindis with me.



Vaseline or lip balm

Lips can easily become cracked over the course of a day. It’s vital to keep a small tub of Vaseline or any lip balm handy. It also makes your lips look glossy.




The eyeliner you apply in the morning will smudge not matter how hard you try to maintain it. I’ve always had the problem of washing up and re-applying them.




A slight wind can throw you off your game. Keep a pocket comb handy.



Pocket Tissues

Pocket tissues always saves you during any emergency situations, from removing excess makeup, cleaning up stains or even as blotting sheets.

Pocket tissue


Sunscreen Lotion

If it’s summer, you need to keep a small tube of sunscreen in your handbag.







Our tummies always grumble at that one moment we’re unprepared. So, keep some nibbles in your handbag.

Energy Bar


Phone charger



Band Aids

Band aid



Over the course of the day, our body odour generally increases. So, it’s wise to keep a small bottle of perfume in your handbag.






Pen drive

So, you head over to a client’s office and need to copy something real quick? Keeping one of these tiny pen drives will be helpful to you.


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