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The Perfect Hairstyle Tips For Your Face Cuts!

Going to a salon, lavishly laying out bucks, going for a new style of a haircut but still coming back home unsatisfied is miserable!Choosing the right hairstyle that complements your face shape can be one helluva deal!  But when you do it right, your appearance goes for an updated version 2.0!

The first step in choosing the right hair style is to identify the shape of your face so that your haircut suits. The possible six types of shapes and their suitable hair style are –

Oval face

Women who have this shape are in for luck! Almost any hairstyle is suitable and that comes as a blessing. The best way to even out this oval shape is by going for thick layers that give your face a broadened look. Long locks and bangs also look pretty on an oval-shaped face. The best tip is to add more hair volume near your face by having heavy layers that give a dense look.


Round face

A face where the length and the width are approximately even, is of round shape! One way of giving length to the face is by having shorter layers. Bangs and fringes do not look good as they hover and clog the face from vision. Another way of narrowing the round contour is by having a puff on the crown of the head. Having long hair can be a pain, as some women complain it is hard to maintain but it looks best on round faces.

Round face

Square face

Having a square-cut face would require a haircut that needs to soften out at the edges. It is best to go for a feather cut coupled with layers that start from the jawline. It is also advisable to for side bangs that start with minimal volume and are dense at the edges. Waves and curls also look cute on a square cut face. Sporting a pixie cut appears ultra-stylish on women with a pointed jaw line.

Square face

Oblong face shape

For those with a rectangular face shape, it is wise to go for long layers that accentuate the oblong features. Short to medium is also extremely pretty for these women. The obvious tip is to avoid puff because it only goes about adding length to the already elongated face. Side parts are advisable as they give unique angles to the face settling well with the thin face.

4. Oblong face shape

Heart face shape

Bangs are ideal for a heart shaped face as they cover up the forehead and adjust the long width of the forehead. Layers that start from the cheekbones help in adding volume around the thin jawline. Giving height to the hair on top is not advisable as it merely adds more height to the top which doesn’t look good for this face shape. Short styles also don’t look good as it creates an inverted triangle like shape which doesn’t go well with the heart face.

Heart face shape

Diamond face shape

Very few ladies who are gifted with this unique face shape can opt for shoulder long hair with bangs on either side. Bob style also looks best for these people as the short hair looks good on a diamond face. Cheekbones are the premiere features and they look best when highlighted by pulling back all the hair to a tight pony or a similar style. Bangs can be tried as they look amazing for this face type.

Diamond face shape

Figure out your face type. Dash out. Get yours done and dazzle ablaze ladies!


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