It is not just standing up for women’s rights, but also making a strong statement on gender equality. It is time that men treat women as their equal halves and give them a chance to live up to their dreams.

These 6 modern days women are proving to be live examples for us all by defying the traditional career route and following their passion. It is not educational qualifications and what the society tells you to do BUT passion and willpower is all that’s needed for doing the work you love.

1. Harshini Kanhekar
India’s first and only woman to graduate from Nagpur’s Fire Service College. Her daring move as to join the fire service team did give her a lot of hurdles down the lane. But today she enjoys a lot of appreciation.

Harshini Kanhekar Female Fire Fighter India


2. Rajni Pandit
Maharashtra’s first female private detective. She took up her first case in 1983 by investigating a classmate who was involved in a prostitution racket. In a society that prefers women to be kept inside the house to protect them, Rajni broke those stereotypes.

Rajni Pandit


3. Prema Ramappa Nadapatti
35 year old who was working as a nurse, gave up her job due to her husband’s death. She had to take care of her 11-year-old son and her ageing mother. Due to this family pressure, she applied for a job in Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC). And now she has become Bangalore’s first female bus driver.



4. Ishita Malaviya
Ishita is India’s first professional female surfer. She began surfing in 2007 and participated in a number of surfing challenges. Her ambition is to promote the Indian coastline as an international surfing destination. Today, along with her boyfriend Tushar Pathiyan, she runs a surf club named Shaka Surf Club and also a Camp called Namaloha in Coastal Karnataka.



5. Shatbi Basu
Shatbi Basu is a 53-year-old woman who is not only known as the best bartender in the country but also owns a bartending institute called the STR which is among the leading institutes for Bartending in India.



6. Shanti Devi
As a 55 year woman, Shanti Devi started working in a tea shop outside of Delhi to make her ends meet. She slowly learnt mechanic skills from her husband to make sure there’s some additional money to support her family. Today, Shanti can handle any and every labour related to 4 wheeler and heavy vehicle repair and services. Shanti is known to be the only woman truck mechanic in India.

Shanti Devi