The No-no foods for babies – less than a year

Children are a gift from God and it is very important that we have to take special care of them. All these days you would have fed your baby with mother’s milk and started with nestem and is waiting to start with solids for them. But wait do not be in a hurry, there are some things a young baby should not have before the one year anniversary of their birth. What foods are they and why?

Allergic Foods

Always avoid foods that are allergic for the babies such as Cow’s Milk,Egg, Soy, Wheat, Fish, Peanuts

Baby alergy foods like milk,soya,egg

Acidity Foods

High acid content foods are not harmful to your baby, but it may make him a little uncomfortable because may cause a rash around your baby’s mouth. Oranges, lemons, strawberries and tomatoes are to be avoided.

Acidity Foods to avoid for babies


the for sure avoidables for kids are the chokables which is a great fear among parents. Foods like popcorn, potato chips, nuts, candies/chocolates, fruits with skin, whole grapes and uncooked vegetables like carrot.

chokable foods

Egg Whites

it is advisable to give the egg yolk at 7 months, but a very big no to egg white because of high percentage of allergies found in them.

EGG white avoid to babies


Fish has high protein content in them so avoid them till they are 1 yr old.

Fish avoid to less than one year kids


Honey has toxin a tendency to produce life threatening high toxin that might affect your babies intestine. So wait until your baby turns 1 to start honey.

Honey_avoid_for babies