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Certain foods can send your blood sugar level on a roller coaster, with insulin rushing to keep up.Whether Type 1 or 2, diabetics need a balance of diet and exercise.A poor diet is probably the most important cause of type 2 diabetes.


Here are some foods you can eat, and some foods you must avoid!





Salt is the greatest culprit for diabetics. You get enough salt from vegetables in inorganic form, so reduce the intake of inorganic salt.










Sucrose, a table sugar, provides nothing but calories and carbohydrates.

Also, you need calcium to digest sucrose.

Substitute sucrose with natural sugar, like honey, jaggery (gur), etc.








Excessive fat intake is definitely not a good habit.

Try and exclude fried items from your diet totally.

But, remember, you must have a small quantity of oil to absorb fat-soluble vitamins, especially vitamin E.





Try to stop the intake of red meat completely.

Intake of vegetarian diet is good for health. If you cannot, decrease the consumption of eggs and poultry.

Eat lean fish two to three times a week.



Whole milk and Products


Try to switch to low fat milk and its products like yogurt (curd).

Replace high fat cheese with low fat cottage cheese.





Tea and Coffee


Do not have than two cups of the conventional tea or decaffeinated coffee every day.

Try to switch herbal teas.






White rice and Products


Intake of  whole grains, whole wheat or soya breads and unpolished rice is good for diabetics.

Foods with a high glycemic index

Avoid white rice, potatoes, carrots, breads and banana — they increase the blood-sugar levels.





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