Children are the joy of life and a life without them is void and is in a way, meaningless. Having little ones to call your very own is often, a dream of ours. But they don’t need to come from us to be ours. Adoption is a beautiful way to fill colors into your world and into the worlds of children who are otherwise, loveless and alone. Here are 7 reasons why you should adopt a child and in doing so, make a real difference:

1.Children need a stable home
Kids who come from a good, stable home do astonishingly well in school and in life. Kids who are left to themselves and subject to abuse are the children who in the future are going to make wrong decisions. Don’t let this happen to little kids who just seek some love and a little attention.

2.It’s not their fault
Children, due to no fault of their own are abandoned. They grow up feeling responsible for them being deserted. This guilt does no wonders for their self-esteem and they grow up to be individuals who lack confidence and are unable to come out of their shell. The same children, once adopted, grow up happier and self-assured.

3.Biological Parents aren’t the true ones
You do not need to create them for them to truly belong to you. Adopted children love you the same if not more than your own children would. They will respect you and cherish your presence. Adopted children are not more troublesome or more ill behaved than your own. Children are children, beautifully innocent and undeniably playful.

4.Every Child deserves to belong
Family, where you go to breakdown, where you go to have a laugh. Everyone deserves a family, children, most of all. For no fault of their own, they don’t have one but that shouldn’t be the reason for them never to have one. Make a child’s life by making them a part of your family.

5.There are so many children with no home
There are millions of orphans out there with no home and no one to call their own. By filling a hole in our lives, one of a child, we can fill the massive void in the lives of oh so many children. Teach them what it is to be loved and in return, feel incomparable joy.

6.Adoption is affordable
If you are holding off on adopting a child because you feel that it is expensive, you are wrong. Adoption is more affordable than you think and the legal procedures, all though they are thorough, they don’t too long. You will in no time, have a little one to call your own.

7.Bigger Families are right around the corner
If you have always wanted a large family, sibling children who are orphaned would love to find a home together. Get into your home, not one but two little ones. A fuller home, one with two children who love each other, is a happier home.

Adoption is a fulfilling and an enriching experience. Say goodbye to whatever it is that is holding you back from adopting and bring home a little joy today!


This post has been contributed by Tiny Step. You can visit their website to know more about parenting and childcare.