Kids getting bullied in school is common and the parents have to make them understand to self-love. Parents, try not to be rational and avoid that this is just a silly thing and a matter of time. These might affect your kids and chances are high that it may lead to the wrong direction.

Here’s a story shared by Briseyda about her 8-year-old cousin who asked her whether she could go on a run with her. When was the girl questioned why she wanted to run? Her answer was her whole class and her crush Hector called her fat. The hilarious part here is when the girl got tired she took a snack and started eating.


When the tweet was on, Twitterati showered love for this 8-year-old girl and shared that she looks more beautiful the way she is.

Tweets and Replies

1. Snacking Makes Me Happy

2. You’re Beautiful The Way You Are

3. Hector Is Just Blind

4. From Where Did That Snack Come From? 

5. Mockers Are Losers

6. What?!?

7. Hector, You Better Hide 

Hector and others are still around 8 or 9 years old and still in the stage where they do not understand by bullying this little girl what would affect her mind.

Adults are the one who has to make them understand. But, if adults are the one who is responsible for the kids to behave this way; please get some counselling for yourself.