Women these days love dyeing or coloring their hairs. Most women prefer coloring their hair themselves, because it saves them some extra bucks. Hair colors have too many chemicals and a certain procedure has to be followed while coloring your hair. Most of the time women tend to use wrong products which has adverse effects on their hair, causing headaches and itchiness too. And you can end up having mismatched and damaged hair.

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SO here are 9 tips for hair coloring-

  • While choosing a shade you should always keep your natural hair color in mind. People with warmer base tones have to take different shades than people with cooler hues.  While you are buying hair dyes, hold a strand of your hair up to the box so as to find a close match. You should always stay within lighter or darker shades.

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  • Always try the dye on some hidden strands of hair to see the results. As people have had horror experiences of their hair turning green and purple. If you hair looks good then only put the dye on other strands. Always bye boxes of dyes according to the length of your hair. If you have very long hair, then you should buy at least 3 boxes of hair dye, just to stay in the safe side, so that mid-way you don’t run out of hair color.


  • Most women don’t even know the proper technique of applying hair color. You need to apply the color to your hair roots only and not all the hair on your head. Women tend to put color all over their hair missing the root tips. This causes overlapping of colors causing damage to previously colored hair and with time the hair looks uneven, light and bright at the roots and dark at the ends.

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  • With age most women have gray hair, which is something not to be embarrassed about. But while coloring your hair, if you have some gray hair, you need to give more time to those strands, maximum 45 minutes. Gray hair require longer processing time as they are very resistant. Most women get confused weather to use permanent, semi-permanent or demi-permanent dyes. Permanent color totally covers the gray areas, but semi-permanent and demi-permanent are better options as they blend the gray with the new color, thus giving the hair a natural look.

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  • Never dye the ends of your hair, if you are re-dyeing your hair. This only makes the hair look heavier and inkier. No matter what product you use, your hair gets a little damaged after dyeing. You should always do nourishing and moisturising hair treatments at home, so that your hair doesn’t lose its shine.

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  • After coloring your hair, always wash the dye with sulfate free shampoos. Sulfate free shampoos are gentle and thus expands the life of your permanent hair color.
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  • While dyeing your hair, always cover your forehead and other sensitive areas of your skin. Moreover always read the instructions on the box and get everything that you need, so that you don’t have to disrupt your process midway rushing here and there for the required things.
  • While doing highlights always use a clean toothbrush or a mascara wand. For highlighting your hair, always choose a shade which is 2 shades lighter than your hair color.
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  • While coloring your hair, always start from the roots as they need most attention. And then distribute the color by combing through your hair. Always divide your hair in sections, so that the dye reaches every part of your hair.


Colouring your hair at home is a very tricky job but it does save you  from expensive parlour bills. Before using any product always take experts advice because we all love out hair and don’t  want our hair to get damaged in any way. Moreover always wash your hair properly after coloring it to prevent your shirts from getting stained by any leftover hair color. Ladies, follow all the above tips and have different  shades of beautiful hair.