Christmas is a very religious as well as important holiday for many people. Christmas is a time of celebration, feasts, enjoyment and merrymaking. Christmas day is actually the anniversary of the birth of Jesus.


Baking cakes are like a ritual or tradition during Christmas. Christmas cakes are actually eaten on the Christmas eve. Earlier traditionally there was only two types of Christmas cakes, fruit cake and Scottish dundee cake, but with time many new and delicious cakes have come up.

Readymade cakes don’t exactly have the ‘Christmassy” feel. Rather homemade cakes are appreciated and loved by children and guests.


So here are 9 delicious homemade cake recipes.

1. Date nut loaf cake
What’s better than chopped walnuts and dates, in a soft cake? The cake can be served in hot brown sugar sauce, to make it taste better.



2. Andes chocolate cake
Everyone loves chocolate. This cake is a combination of peppermint buttercream and chocolate. You have to make a frosting of buttercream and peppermint extract and chocolate ganache, consisting of heavy cream and chocolate chips. The cake will create fireworks in your mouth.



3. Rum cake
You have to mix the whole yellow cake with vanilla pudding. Then you can add a good amount of rum in it and garnish it with pecans. This cake is very famous among people during Christmas.



4. Candy cane forest cake
Children love candy canes. You have to make a chocolate chip cake, and place vanilla frosting in between the layers as well as on the top and sides of the cake. Then you can decorate the cake with crushed candy canes and whole candy canes.



5. Ugly sweater cake
You can make a cake by using yellow cake mix. Meanwhile whip some buttercream frosting and separate it into two bowls, adding white and red colouring to each cup. You can decorate the cake with the frosting so that it looks like a sweater and put butterfingers, jingles, pompoms on it to make it look like an ugly sweater cake.



6. Chocolate poinsettia cake
Poinsettia is a very interesting flower. To make different parts of the poinsettia, you have to melt red, green and yellow candies. Then you can make a 4 layered chocolate cake and add layers of chocolate frosting in between the cake slices and over the top and sides. And they you can decorate your cake with the poinsettia’s.



7. Classic Christmas cake
Put all the fruits in a bowl and mix them with brandy and leave them to soak. Now sift flour, spices and salt and add eggs, sugar, treacle and butter to it and whip it until smooth and fluffy. Then put the soaked, chopped nuts and fruits in a tin and put the cake batter on top of it. And then you can bake the cake and decorate it in many ways.



8. Red velvet poke cake
You have to make an authentic red velvet cake, by using an instant cake mix and put the cake to bake. Then pour sweetened condensed milk all over the surface of the cake. Mix some cream cheese, sugar, vanilla and butter and spread all over the cake.



9. White chocolate mud cake
Make a mixture of white chocolate, butter, sugar and milk and stir it in low heat. Make the white chocolate ganache by making the milk to boil, and then stirring the chocolate in it and refrigerating it. You can put the mixture of flour, eggs and extract and put it in a pan to bake. And finally, you can put the white ganache over the top of the cake.