Womanhood -that stage when everything else falls in place but maintaining a healthy weight becomes a new concern. The fitness that was easily under check a few years back suddenly becomes a challenge to deal with! Check out these few tips for avoiding obesity and staying slim and fit –

Physical activity

There is no better way to staying fit and controlling weight like periodic physical activity. Simple changes in daily lifestyle can go a great way in improving health. Climbing stairs, using a bicycle or even doing daily chores at home burns a significant number of calories. Equalize the misbalance in energy by giving exercise to the body.

Physical activity

Reduced food intake

The most obvious way for avoiding obesity or increase in weight is to have minimal food. Focus on better quality and lesser quantity! Have the little amount of food which are nutritious. It’s okay to eat a light and balanced diet even multiple times a day, instead of going for two or three heavy meals!

Reduced food intake

Frame a diet chart

Consult a dietician or a doctor and fix a customized food plan which is balanced and apt for your lifestyle and eating habits. Include a good amount of proteins with reduced carb-content and low-fat foods. Do not avoid any food completely; instead go for lesser amounts as every food has a specific nutrition that is needed for the body.


diet chart

Use a weigh

Buy a weigh for yourself at home and constantly monitor your weight at regular intervals of time. Calculate your body mass index and have it under control. The ideal BMI for a healthy person is between 18-25. The numbers above or below this limit indicate obesity or lankiness.

use a weighSleepaway stress

Only when a person is deprived of sleep, the stress hormone cortisol is released and fat starts getting accumulated.The best way for straying away from all stress is to have proper sleep. When a proper 8-hour sleep is had by the person, stress is managed automatically by the body system. Take up yoga or meditation for calming yourself!

Sleepaway stress

Do not fall for ‘diet’ foods

The artificial sweeteners that come with the diet foods actually do you no good! Psychologically, your mind feels it is missing out on sugar and starts looking out for it. This leads to increased appetite and so it is best to avoid such foods and go for real sugared products in less quantity.


Drink plenty of water

The best way to curb hunger is to have loads of water. It plays the main role in digestion and metabolism, and so it has added good effects as well. Having water whenever you feel hungry is a safe way to control ‘food craving’ and avoid unwanted weight add-ons.


Ban ‘junk’

Do not eat junk/fast food as they are the main causes of obesity even at an early age. The calories that are contained in it, is the reason for obesity. It has unhealthy processed ingredients which are not right for health. It is best to skip the junk and go for fresh fruits and vegetables which are nutritious and also tasty.


Ban ‘junk’Watch what you eat!

Every time you eat, focus on your choices. Avoid fats, oils, sweets and instead go for high nutrition foods which are inclusive of protein, calcium and whole fibre content. Keep changing the choice of food combinations in each meal as per your choice and taste but be watchful!

Watch what you eat!