Stretch marks or striae, is a type of a scarring on the skin, having an off-colour hue. Stretch marks can happen due to hormonal changes linked to puberty, pregnancy, or body building. It is caused due to the tearing of the dermis. This happens due to rapid stretching of the skin.


If you are starting to get reddish marks or purple lesions on your body, and then you are at the first stage of getting stretch marks. Stretch marks can appear anywhere on your body, most commonly abdomen, breasts, stomach, and thighs.


Pregnancy Stretch Marks

Pregnancy stretch marks or striae gravidarum is a type of scarring on the skin, found at the abdominal area caused due to sudden weight gain, during pregnancy. According to a study, after delivering a baby, most women have low maternal age, immense weight gain over 15 kg, high body mass index and high neonatal birth weight, which are linked with the occurrence of stretch marks.


During pregnancy, areas which have mechanical distension or are subject to rapid growth such as abdomen, breasts, and thighs, are associated with the formation of stretch marks. Some experts think that the combination of relaxin and estrogen with high levels of cortisol causes an accumulation of mucopolysaccharide, which in return increases the water absorption of the connective tissue, forming cleavage under mechanical stress. Around 45% of women, develop stretch marks before 24 weeks of gestation. And there are cases, where many women develop stretch marks during first pregnancy and not in the later pregnancies. While some of these stretch marks disappear with time, others stay as permanent discoloration on the body.

Stretch marks do not pose any risk to the baby or the mother, but they look ghastly in appearance and can lead to itching hence causing discomfort.


Removing the stretch marks is not an instant process and you cannot completely remove the stretch marks. 50% creams who promise to completely remove the stretch marks on a woman’s body, fail to complete their task. There are even very expensive surgical stretch mark removal treatments available. You should start treating on your stretch marks, as soon as you see the first lines, during your pregnancy.


So here are 9 home remedies to remove stretch marks-

Olive oil treatment-


Olive oil is a popular remedy for pregnancy stretch marks. You have to take some olive oil in your hand and massage it on your stomach and belly bottom regularly so that the lines start fading and after that take an immediate bath. The process is time taking but useful. Olive oil exfoliates and moisturises the skin.

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Vitamin Oil Massages


You can even apply a mixture of Vitamin E oil with some moisturiser on your stretch marks. You can use other oils like almond oil, avocado oil, coconut oil, on your stretch marks.

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Castor oil massage


You can also apply castor oil on the area having stretch marks, and cover the area with a plastic bag, and place a hot water bottle on it. You can wash it off after 30-40 minutes. The pores open up due to heat, and thus oil absorption takes place easily.

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Essential oil massage


In normal oils like almond oil or coconut oil, you can add some drops of essential oils like germanium or lavender rose, or some other aromatic oil and massage it over the affected area. This is a very effective home remedy.

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Aloe Vera Gel


You can apply readymade aloe vera gel or squeeze the gel out of the plants, on your affected areas. It heals and soothes your skin.

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Egg whites


Eggs are a rich source of protein. You can apply egg whites on the affected area, the proteins in the egg-white rejuvenate the skin, and makes the marks fade away.

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Potato juice


Take a piece of potato and rub it on the stretch marks, so that the juice gets soaked into the skin, and then wash it off with water.

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Sugar scrub


You can make a mixture of sugar, drops of lemon juice and almond oil, and apply on the stretch marks. The scrub acts as a good exfoliating agent.

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Shea butter or cocoa butter


You can apply shea butter or cocoa butter, directly on the stretch marks, to reduce the appearance.

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While Cocoa butter might not be that easy to find, Shea Butter is now available in most of the general supermarkets in most cities.