Meet this couple, Royce Young and Keri Young, who decided to donate their unborn baby’s organ when they found out that the baby has been formed without brain during the 19th week. One more shocking news which they had to undergo was if the baby was given birth, it would not stay more than 24 hours. But still, Keri decided to go through 9 months of pregnancy and give birth for the baby Eva to give the other children life to survive.

They shared it on facebook that:

We made our choice to carry Eva to full term for a lot of reasons, but the first and foremost was to donate her organs. We don’t say that to try and sound like great people or anything. It was just a practical endgame that in our minds, before we came to the realization Eva is alive and our daughter deserves to meet her mama and daddy, gave us a purpose to continue on. Donating was on Keri’s mind from darn near the second we found out and while the experience of holding and kissing our daughter will be something we cherish forever, the gift(s) she’s got inside that little body of hers is what really matters. Keri saw that almost instantly. That kid Jarrius wears a shirt that says “It Takes Lives To Save Lives.” I couldn’t stop thinking about that all day. There’s another family out there hurting and hoping for a miracle for their baby, knowing full well someone else’s baby will need to die first. Eva can be that miracle.”

Have a look at the post by Royce Young on facebook:

This couple have a two year old son, to whom Keri asks every time when he gets hurt “Are you tough? Are you BRAVE?” And that little boy will nod his head and say, “I tough! I brave!”

Royce, finally shares that:

“I’m looking at Keri right now and I don’t even have to ask. She’s TOUGH. She’s BRAVE. She’s incredible. She’s remarkable. She’s cut from a different cloth, combining wit, beauty, courage, silliness, character and integrity into one spectacular woman. And somehow, she’s my wife. Not that I needed some awful situation like this to actually see all of that, but what it did was make me want to tell everyone else about it.”

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