Life of a woman goes through many phases. Although men continue to pursue their professional career without sacrifices, women mostly don’t have a choice, unless the husband or the family of the husband supports her to pursue her ambitions.

Recently, a story I read shocked me. The girl got married for the very reason to make her parents happy as they were getting old. But the life she got was really unexpected. The mistake was on the side of the parents of the girl, as they did not even know to whom her daughter is getting married to and also the parents of the husband for raising an abusive man.

The story was shared by Usman Ghani on his Twitter page:

Something’s been pinching me for some days now. Thought of letting it out of my system by sharing it here. Here goes…….

There was this girl in my school, back in 90’s. Brilliant, studious, hard working, very confident, a topper, a debater, a class prefect….


We were class fellows. She was the kind of girl with whom boys talked after rehearsing. Despite mad competition between us, we were friends.

I guess the proudest moments of my school and college life were whenever I scored better than her in exams. Couldn’t beat her in confidence

We both chose engineering after college and graduated. I chose to work in an industry and she chose to pursue Masters in engineering.

A girl must have freedom to choose when she wants to marry, who she wants to marry and should have the freedom to pursue her career even after marriage. But it is mostly not given in today’s world.

Later, she joined one of the best universities of the country as a lecturer in Engineering. That’s when her parents decided to marry her off

An arranged marriage in a well off family meant that she had to quit job & live as a house wife. This wasn’t all, guy was a college dropout.

She resisted as much as she could. But after sometime, she agreed to everything saying, “my parents are too old& scared of me being single”.

Parents, too old and too scared. That was the reason for this brilliant girl to give up all her dreams, her ego and her career.

The guy was nearly an uneducated, spoiled brat of a business family who couldn’t stomach a woman having an education, or an opinion, or ego.

This happened not to a mediocre girl, it happened to a person really studious and who worked as a college lecturer.

In no time after her wedding she realized that he was verbally and physically abusive and his family supported and encouraged all this.

But she kept quiet in the face of all abuse because her parents were too old and too scared.

She had no money to spend on herself and her husband never bothered to give her a penny. She had already quit her job. So there was no way.

Very recently she texted me that her husband had beaten her and given her talaaq twice and if after two times talaaq she could live with him

So bad that her sacrifice ruined her own life. The guy who she married was so abusive and he did not even give any money for her.

And even after all this she still is with him for her parent’s sake.

Her reply was, “My parents are too old…. sick and scared.”

The only lesson to learn is that marry a guy only if he is suitable for you. Do not marry because parents want to see you get married and live a happy life. And most importantly, don’t stop pursuing your dreams.

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Photo Courtesy: BuzzFeed