The Tamil Month “AADI” (as per English calendar July mid to August mid) is usually considered to be an inauspicious month (for performing wedding, house warming ceremony) for most of the communities in Tamil Nadu. So people use to stay away from any big activities during this month & hence the business (like textile, jewelry show, any consumer durables) was totally dull on this month.


But now, the scenario is totally vice versa, people wait for Aadi month to come – the big discount game by name “Aadi (Dancing) Thalupadi (Discount)”. Well, though I am a made shopper, a great shopping lover, shopping addict or whatever one names me, I COMPLETELY STAY AWAY FROM THIS AADI THALUPADI….


If one steps into any shop in T.Nagar during this aadi time & comes out in perfect health & wealth (I mean without loosing any valuables like purse, jewels), they can without any doubt be NOMINATED FOR OSCAR (kandipaaga, marina beach orathil oru silayum vaikapadum). I read in a news daily that the average no. of people stepping into POTHY’s during Aadi month 75,000 against a normal count of 12000 in other months (aaha, kelabitaangaya kelabitaanga). See some of the discount offers during this month:


Ø      60% discount on textiles (ippadi discount la vaangara saree one wash la kerchief agirum)

Ø      No making charges, wastages on gold (Saikooli, sedharam kidayaadham) – aana indha kootathula vaangara makaluku sedharam nichiyam. Aparam hospital exp will be double this discount

Ø      Oru fridge vaangina – oru grinder free, oru grinder vaangina – our mixie free (ada pongapa, EB irukara range ku, konjam current-aa free ya kuduthaa matum dhaan happy)


Economists talk so much about inflation, poverty line, lay offs, salary cuts……if Amartya Sen (adhangha nambha noble prize winner in economics) visit ranganathan street during this time, then he would write a book on “T.Nagar – The Wealthiest Economy in the world”


But the real question is, are these discounts a TRUE one? As most of know, it is a big “NO” (the shop owners think that “ivanga yevalo poi sonalum thaangaranga, rombha nalavanga). As per a study done by the Loyola MBA students, no shop can afford to give a discount of more than 10% from the so called fixed MRP. So how come such a heavy offering (even upto 60%) is possible. It might be possible only if


Ø      They are actually a “Stock Clearance” – meaning the owners might have bought materials in bulk long before & which are ought to be cleared before certain time to avoid money from being stuck in goods (in corporate world, we term it “inventory clearance”). So their intention is to sell out all the materials that are getting close to “un usable state”

Ø      “End of season” sale – this term is generally used in international market. Sometimes the shops orders certain style of dresses that suite certain climates only. Say very light / cotton clothes during summer, heavy work designer dresses during diwali, western clothes during new year time etc., Once the season comes to an end, it might not be demanded in the next seasons, so during season end, they put such discount shows to clear up those & stock in new styles

Ø      Sale of little damaged pieces” – I am sure all of us would have seen the tags “Discount pieces – not exchangeable”. This is because; it is the time for the shop wallas to get rid with all the damaged pieces…. They cannot return it to their vendor / supplier and so they try to make as much as money as possible and we people are always ready to share the loss with him… iduku per dhaan “potu vaangardhu, give & take policy”


Adhu yenna vo theriyala, yanna maayamo puriyala, nama makaluku, indha kootathula adi pattu, midhi pattu, Neraya paisa kuduthu YEMAANDHUTU varadhula, oru thani sandhosham,,,,,, 100 rs kooda worth illa dha dress-aa, 250 rs kuduthu vaangitu varadhula bayangara perumai……………………. Mudiyala


My last thought, we all should be aware that there are no free lunch under the sun. No one would be willingly give something for a loss……if shop owners afford to give 50% discount during aadi & call it genuine one, then does it means they were making 100% profit so far???????? Think of these & make sure we don’t get voluntarily cheated


Now its ur time……indha maadhiri good discounts-aa enjoy panna theriyaliya anu apadinu thitinaalum ok, illa “Anu, naanum ur side, no belief in this discount”, apadinu support pannalum ok, but ensure to pen up ur thoughts J