Sapna Vyas Patel, a girl from Ahmedabad has proved this. She has lost 33 kg of her weight from 86 kg to 53 kg in 1 year without any medications, crash diets, treatments or surgery. She decreased her waist size from 36” to 24” with no stretch marks, dark circles and loose skin. So, if you would like to know the weight loss tips of Sapna Vyas, then carry on with the article.

Sapna Vyas shocked the YouTube viewers by launching a video named “This Girl will Shock You!” on YouTube. The video got above 2 lakh hits in just one month. Sapna, the Reebok Certified Fitness Professional is the daughter of Jaynarayan Vyas (Health Minister of Gujarat). She became obese in her teenage years, because of sedentary habits. She decided to get fit after experiencing some bitter incident in her life. While she was entering the HSC examination hall, the gatekeeper did not let her to enter as he thought she was a parent. Another incident took place when she 19 years old. Someone said her that her daughter is very cute while she was with her three-year-old niece.
According to her, anybody can lose weight with smart eating, discipline and right workout plan. She has already started a campaign on social networking places like Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, etc. for promoting a ‘flab to fitness’ program. Through Facebook, she also supports people who want to reach their fitness goals without any fees. Above 5 lakh visitors have got benefit from this. Recently, she has over 60,000 followers on Facebook. She will launch a self-help website in future, which will be free of cost. She will guide, support and motivate the people with the help of this website.

Sapna followed the six steps to lose weight. The six weight loss steps are make yourself ready, set your goal to lose about 30-35 kgs weight, understand the basics of weight loss, develop healthy eating habits, pursue strict diet & workout plan and last step is to adopt a healthy lifestyle for controlling the weight. As per her, a strong will power is very important for losing weight and you should burn more calories than you consumed in a day. She followed high protein, low carbs and low fat diet.

There are four different Low Fat diet plans in Sapna’s regimen. First plan is 1600 calories diet plan for initial weight loss, second 1400 calories diet plan for fast weight loss, 1500 calories diet plan for body toning and 2000 calories diet plan for body sculpting. She also followed detailed workout plan daily for around 2 hours.


Sapna Vyas Patel Diet and Food Tips:

Don’t eat heavy dinner
Consume various foods from all the food groups daily
Consume food in every 2-3 hours but in small portion
Always eat freshly made food
Limit your sugar consumption
Never go for crash dieting and starving
Eat your food slowly and chew it properly
Consume food as per your activity level
Drink 5 liters of water daily
Never eat too much at a time
Avoid eating food after a long gap
Stay away from processed foods and white poison such as sugar, butter, extra salt, maida, etc.
If you feel like munching something, at that time do something to occupy your time

Sapna Vyas Patel Tips for Rapid Weight Loss:

Consume homemade food
Adopt a healthy lifestyle
Perform strength training exercises as they makes the muscles strong, decrease the risk of injury as well as increase flexibility, metabolism & endurance
Have patience and prevent emotional eating
Consume only Green Tea and Ginger tea
Never eat meals at late night
Limit the consumption of alcohol
Avoid keeping wrong food in your home
You can lose 4 kgs of weight every month
Don’t stay up till late at night while on diet
Stay away from highly sweetened foods
Decrease smoking and then slowly quit
Consume food only when you are hungry