To safeguard malpractices and deviations from prescribed guidelines for adoption notified by Government of India, Supreme Court of India has appointed an independent NGO with experience in child adoption – “The Indian Council of Social Welfare” with head quarters in Mumbai and branches in all state

Application for Adoption * 4 X 6 size photographs – 4 copies (Husband & Wife together) * Marriage certificate. * Proofs of age * Medical certificate from M.B.B.S. doctor / Some agencies give their own format * Reason for Adoption (Gynecologist certificate or Motive

Once the couple is comfortable about the details given about the child, the agency will show the child physically. The couple can spend time with the child. Once they are comfortable enough to make a discussion they can discuss the future formalities as the rules ofthe agency. The social worker of the agency will then conduct a Home Study at the couple’s residence. Some agencies do ask the family to come for additional counseling sessions. Agencies also need to understand the complete preparation of the couple about the Pre-Adoption and Post-Adoption issues

Prepare the documentation as advised by the social worker For your convenience we have listed the general paper work required for the adoption process. We although do advice that the documentation should be done only after consultation with the agency social worker of the area. A child is most certainly the best gift that God can give to a couple. The feelings that new parents go through when their baby is born cannot be described in mere words. However, there are some people in this world who may not be so lucky and may not have the pleasure of having a baby.

A No Objection Certificate is then issued to the agency by CARA (Central Adoption Resource Agency )when it is satisfied about the family and the couple submits certain documents necessary for evaluation. The couple is not allowed to come and choose a child, as it is normally believed.

The Guardianship and Wards Act 1890 gives the full guardianship authority to non-Hindus who are governed by their religious personal laws like Muslims, Christians, Parsis and Jews. The guardians have to give an investment plan and invest a certain amount of money for the security of the ward.

Ablaashrama in Basavanagudi, Bangalore Category: Orphanages Address: Dr. D.V.G. Road Basavanagudi Bangalore -560004 Landmark: Opposite Syndicate Bank Phone: 080-26678694

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Adoption Agencies in India Asha Sadan Asha Sadan Marg, 374 03 97 Umarkhadi, Mumbai – 400 009. Tel.: 371 54 77 / 374 03 97 Bal Vikas Valentine Complex, Off General ArunKumar Vaidya Marg, Malad (East), Mumbai – 400 097. Tel.: 842 28 02

 A Nutshell * Choose the adoption agency * File the application * Wait for your turn * Get the child home * Complete the legal formalities * Follow post-adoption procedures

When a baby that meets your criteria is available and it is your turn in the list you get called to see the baby. You get to see the child’s medical records and possibly some background information. Please do take the child to a pediatrician and get all the tests they suggest, so you are also

# Passport copies # Three letters of reference given by close friends (not relatives) who have known you for over five years, preferably with children of their own. The letter needs to say how the referrer knows you and that s/he thinks you are suitable as parents for adoptionAll copies need to be attested by a notary. Notaries are available at civil or criminal courts and usually charge between Rs 5 to Rs 10 per signature. Many of the documents need to be in the format specified by the agency.

As per law the costs that you required to pay agency include only the cost of bringing up the baby at the agency (food and medical costs) and the lawyers and court fees applicable. The agency is not allowed to solicit any extra money.