I’m a 32-year-old mom who worked from home for 8 continuous months, last year. I was also a work from home for 2 months, this year – in lieu of summer holidays (makes you wish for summer schools). 

Working from home is both exciting and scary. The workplace has always been your buffer zone. You get away from home and do fun things, like chat with a work friend, meet new people or even step out to the nearby cafe for a cup of coffee in the afternoon. But, for a parent or a partner, you begin to miss home and look forward to returning home to embrace your darlings.  So, let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of being a work from home mom.



Firstly the advantages

1. Travel Distance is zero

That’s right. ZERO.


2. Distractions can be less

Offices can be distracting if there are a lot of people, or if there’s some manual labour going on in the premises or nearby. I remember the noisy racket when they were changing bulbs in the conference room.


3. Solve personal/professional balancing

Many working people, really find it hard to be at home. Working from home can actually solve that problem.


4. Money saved

When I visited the nearby petrol bunk one weekend, one of the employees asked me “Madam, how have you been?” He was convinced that I was refuelling my bike at a different bunk. On an average, all working people spend at least 4% to 5% of their salaries on travel.


5. A great deal of flexibility

If you manage your time properly and consistently, you can do wonders. You can do many tasks in the house and also produce effective results at work.


6. Feel Free from restrictions

At the office there maybe many restrictions and people are going to be people by constantly judging your appearance or your work style. If you’re working from home, you can let your hair loose, wear anything you want, and even eat at your desk. No one is going to say a word. I have a friend who loves listening to music while working. She gets to do that when she’s working from home.


Disadvantages of Working from Home

1. Requires commitment – And a great deal of it!

It needs a great deal of commitment and motivation as you are at home & focusing on work. So, you have to focus thinking that it is work environment and give your full commitment to it.


2. Loss of space in home

While trying to set a work from home environment, the space that is being consumed for work cannot be used for any other purpose, nor can the workspace be changed and allotted every day. It is best to have the same space constant for working.


3. Hard to stop

In an office, there is a specific time to come & go. In some offices there maybe a number of hours that each employee has to work. But when we work from home, sometimes our tendency changes to working for multiple hours from home. Thereby working for more hours.


4. Being Alone

Although there are so many advantages such as working with focus when working at home. It can also create a feeling of loneliness without no one to share the ideas and thoughts about work. Thereby feeling isolated.


5. Can also cause distraction

It may sound different. But actually, sometimes working at home can also cause distractions. When there are children around us, or friends who come to visit home or relatives, we get easily distracted. Whereas working at the office, we seldom get distracted.