Hi buddies,

Yeah,i know well that the fever for  this month’s blog has gone down but the lazy goose i am , just found the right time to blog about some thing which is close to my heart!!!

Chennaimoms,the very first impression that came to my mind when i read this word in "The Hindu-Metroplus".I could still remember that moment,
(okay that’s not so far away),i could see an image of lots of young mothers with their babies/kids giggling away and having their own time without having to worry about their other responsibilities in life.

To look that moment now,i feel that this image has somehow become real in my  life because of this site.

So a little rewind:

After marriage,two kids and life was becoming so monotonous!!!(Do i need to explain it in detail)

I was imagining myself to have a care-free,jolly day.And yes,i’ve to tell that i was connected to all my friends via orkut and all,but what is the point??

Just a big HI when i found them there and a ocaasional,How are you??Avlo dhaan:

Namakunnu oru friend circle of ladies with kids to share my joys,sorrows and queries and a day to meet them all,this is what i wanted!!!(Looked like a BIG fantasy then)

So a big thanks to The Hindu which featured Bhavani and the site Chennaimoms.Oru nalla naal parthu(in my dictionary Sunday) i typed this sites’ address in my browser.

Without logging,i browsed thru the blogs,questions and profiles(yes appo ellam login panna thevai illa).Instantly,i felt connected to the people here and registered myself immediately.The first discussion that caught my eyes was the plan for the meetup finalised for the next saturday http://www.chennaimoms.com/blogs/87/posts/6673-groups-and-meet-ups.

I was like ,What is this??Is this really true??Is this happening in Chennai??

Immediately i responded with a yes,i would like to join .

Couldn’t believe myselves,coz i’m very reserved and i didn’t mind joining a bunchful of unknown people (that time).And i really didn’t feel alien to the group that i met on the D-Day,whom i’ve not met b4.So then followed more meet-ups,more friends,more merry.

Whatever questions in ur mind,u would have an answer here and somehow it would be asked by other members also.Recently this,


So i would like to present my first blog here:


So my small dream came true because of Chennaimoms.

And of course,Mamma-mia was a turning point in my life.All in my life i’ve never ever organised something ,never volunteered anything.When the discussions were on,i just wanted to participate and i was in.That gave me a new change to the way i looked into things.If i think i can do something,i can do it.I realised that.

The comment from my hubby was:Why dont u do all things with the same enthu? Pudicha dhaane seiya mudiyum

Whenever there is a meet-up i look forward to participate in it.Not just for meeting new people but  sure it’d be a learning experience for me.

Every mom here has something good which i would like to imbibe into me.

Ofcourse,i login daily most of the days.Even though the time has tremendously reduced,the site still holds the same charm on me.

So 3 cheers for Bhavani and all the moms here!!!