The real meaning of “Women Empowerment” has been deviated from having equal rights, eradicating sexism and discrimination to more of egoistic perspective like “When boys can do, even we can”. Do you think the mindset of the women need to be more empowering? I feel, yes, as a woman we are here to do things which a man cannot; every woman in the world need to get out of the box and understand what being empowered really is.

There are few dragon warriors who know the secret of being empowered and they hack them with pure effort and willpower.

I presume that the Afghan women are one among those few dragon warriors as they have started an all-women channel named Zan TV. When this news was trending that the channel is going to be launched on May 21, I really felt that the place like Afghan where women are treated as puppets with high patriarchal system; there is a surge of fearless women launching a TV channel. This news made me feel the real essence of women empowerment.

Though the channel is all-women, it was mainly initiated by a man, Hamid Samar. He was inspired when he saw many women applicants for the anchoring role in the place of taboo where obvious selection would go for a man. This is the time, he says that the spark in mind to start an all-women channel arrived.

Have a look at this video, an interview with Shamela Rasooli (Presenter at Zan TV):

When women in a place like Afghanistan can get empowered to start an all-women channel to fight against gender equality and sexism, I truly feel that in India we can do much better to enhance the position of women equal to men.

In the recent past, in Kerala, plans for all-women channel named Kudumbashree were taken to deal with the issues of women but unfortunately it was not initiated further to launch. I wish they reconsider it and take steps forward for the betterment of women

All the young chaps of India, buck up and break the taboo. There is a lot in women empowerment, so widen your brain and look in depth of what exactly could be done in India to vanish gender discrimination.

Get inspired with the great personality, Dr. Abdul Kalam where he believes in women as they are capable of achieving greater heights: “Empowering women is a prerequisite for creating a good nation, when women are empowered, society with stability is assured. Empowerment of women is essential as their value system leads to the development of a good family, society and ultimately a good nation.”

Finally, I would like to give a small advice for Indian women, rather than gossiping about each other and worrying about what society would say; step up and do much better than that because “You are much capable of bringing a change”

Photo Courtesy: Asianage