Do you remember?

We met around this day last year..

You blushed in pink… and I knew you were made for me!

It was a love at first sight..


You knew I was married and a mother..

That’s why I chose you, you said!

And being with you was a pleasure

So we met almost everyday!


You knew how much I needed you..

Someone to talk to .. to laugh with..

To share my thoughts..

To celebrate wonderful moments together…


Each day..

Our love reached new heights

The bond between us grew stronger

The distance between us became thin..


Through you…

I got many new friends…

Gained many new information..

Shared a lot of experiences..


You showed me..

The world around me..

Their attitudes, lifestyles, traditions..

I began to be a part of a celebrating new world..


You taught me

To share their happiness..

To lend my shoulder when they were down..

And to learn from their experiences

To make me stronger and face the world..


Madly in love with you ..

That even a day without you.. I felt suffocated..

I wished to come and meet you every minute..

You stayed with me day and night keeping me awake..

When I had loads of work to be done.


When work pressure and stress could’ve pulled me down..

You radiated your energy to me always

Through a joke, some funny moments.. and laughter..

And gave me strength and courage

To fight every situation..


On this day..

I celebrate.. our first anniversary..

The day I met my soul mate!