The phrase “Beautiful Woman” has made people think of a slim and fair person with perfect features! Isn’t it? Right? It is a shame to portray such belief in the viewers’ minds.

Beauty begins when you start accepting to be yourself! Till now every commercial ad on beauty products had portrayed such characteristics and women all over the world thinks that “what is shown in the ad is what real beauty is”. Don’t you think it is the right time to break the stereotype? Yes! You Should!

Psychologically women should change the views on body standards and should start accepting the way they are. Body positivity should spread all over the world!

Comedian Bharti has broken the stereotype by appearing in the ad “Joy- Beautiful By Nature”. It is very refreshing and glad to know that the ad is not following the usual old stereotypical beauty ads. The ad says

“Every woman is born beautiful. Let’s not define beauty, let’s celebrate it.

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Photo Courtesy: Famous People India & World